I will also provide a brief overview of how to use them.Please note that I have no direct relationship with any of these companies or products and I am providing no affiliate links to any of the tools in this post.
Trading EconomicsThe Trading Economics website is an excellent resource for analysing country specific economic data. It provides event calendars, economic forecasts and makes it easy to see an overview of global markets.Like many of the best free trading tools, the Trading Economics website has a members section which is paid for. They also have an excellent demo account and a load of free tools.Once again, I have no affiliation with Oanda, this is just my own personal opinion.

So let’s take a look.From the Oanda home page, we can easily do some currency conversions which is useful if you’re going on holiday but not that useful for trading. The difference of course is that on Stock Twits the stream will be all about stocks and trading.Like Twitter you get 140 characters with which to make your contribution and when you do, you can set it up to go to Twitter as well. Or you might act on it as a contrarian signal and go short.And there are more options to use StockTwits if you combine it with Twitter and the free tool TweetDeck. You can also download a program called Amiquote here and with this program you can import free historical Yahoo stock data into Amibroker.

It’s this data you can use to try different trading systems.So there are some limitations to the free trial. And actually if you’re looking for some example trading systems, my course, How to Beat Wall Street, comes with 20 Amibroker trading systems ready to go.So, in the main analysis window we need to create a trading system and Amibroker has already set one up for us called Example.

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