Canada got a bit of a head start, but Poke-trainers in the United States can start trying to catch ’em all in the Trading Card game on iPad starting tomorrow. In Canada, the Pokemon card game is the 24th most downloaded app for iPad, according to data-intelligence firm App Annie. The Pokemon Company is likely hoping the game will catch on with a major audience on the iPad. This brings the digital version of the collectible card battler to Apple’s massive tablet platform outside.

It is the 55th highest-grossing card game on iPad, with players spending $10 and $25 to purchase gems. Card games are some of the most lucrative on that platform, and the brand-recognition of the pocket monsters could push the app to the top of the charts.
The free app has players building decks, fighting computer-controlled opponents, and then going online to take on other human trainers. Find out how to save your bacon on this free research-based webinar with Insight’s Andrew Jones.

This is the first Pokemon-related game to make it to a mobile device — although the Trading Card Game is also available on Windows and Mac computers.

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