If you have other free charting platforms that you would recommend then let us know by dropping a line in the comments of this article.
This Stock Portfolio Tracker works for both dividend, net net or value stocks portfolio tracking in USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong  and many more countries not to mention tracking of ETF portfolio. Thus if your stock is halted for long, Google will show price 0, which may not be what you want. That said, the work around solution is very simple.The reason the price shows wrongly is because the Stock Portfolio Tracker fails to grab the last price from Yahoo.

Follow the instructions below to refresh any new stock added.This means that every time you add a stock such as Intel that you have not keep track of previously, you do this. Note that this will impact the dropdown in the Transactions sheet, and how the stocks transaction tracks back to this stock in this sheetGoogle Quote > This is where you will specify your google stock quote. It basically aggregates all the stock quotes in Stock Summary and then asks to return it in a CSV file and then display it in the cells below.You can request for more things. This spreadsheet is free, however should you want to contribute to my efforts in developing this tracker into something even better you can donate to me here!

Most of the excel sheets seem to focus on trading and not so much on dividend and long term holdings.Let me try yours and and feedback to you. What is required to adapt to options tradingReply Keith saysJune 9, 2011 at 8:36 am Thank you for such a brilliant worksheet!

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