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Rules of 2.4 pip cross of 10 ma are explained on Flag Trading the Trends Forum by Divergence.
For two years I use the CCI indicator of trading, and I consider it the most interesting and flexible enough. I rely more on the MTF Trix for permission to trade and see the 8 CCI as just the earliest entry point.

As for my thread it is simply my style of trading that fits my time constraints and has worked for me. Parameter 8 for CCI is too short even for a 5 minute chart, not to mention one minute, these are its properties. For one minute chart I picked up the option 30, which calculates CCI over 30 previous bars, a half-hour trend.
I use mainly the zero line, zero line reject and crossing the zero line after good pattern(nine grandfather patterns CCI).

For scalping enough, but a shorter option will cause the spin as a squirrel in a cage for 1 minute.

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