The trading simulator is especially useful for amateur traders who have limited time to practice during their workdays. Forex Trading Simulator - Forex Tester Software a necessary tool for Professional Forex Training and Forex strategy testing. Forex Trading Simulator: Forex Tester 2 Software, an important tool for Professional Forex Training and Forex strategy testing. A trading simulator is an excellent way to master a forex trading system like the MACD 3 or your own forex trading strategy! Forex Tester 2 is a forex trading simulator that every forex trader should own from beginner to experienced. The smart forex trader understands the importance of using Forex Tester 2 for their trading strategy. We used forex tester 2 and traded our MACD 3 system using a $10,000 demo account, and turned it into $7 million in just under 2 years!

For the advanced users and programmers they designed open interfaces with detailed documentation to help you create your own indicators and strategies. Take the time to prove your forex trading system works with Forex Tester 2, an amazing forex trading simulator!
The following interactive forex trading simulators and calculators will strengthen your understanding of the forex trading concepts discussed in FXIMPULSE. We believe that interactive simulation if one of the best ways to sharpen your trading knowledge before you start trading with the real money.
We hope that these forex calculators will help you on your way toward stable and ever increasing profits.
Which is especially useful when the markets are closed on weekends and holidays. Trading simulator can be used anywhere as it can work offline.
Operating from a forex trading simulation environment allows a trader to master a forex trading system like the MACD 3 as if they are trading in a REALTIME market.

SO, if you have your own ideas, you can implement them using Forex Tester 2 API and significantly expand the program functionality. You will find numerous links pointing to these tools in the other parts of our forex trading course. We have developed these forex calculators and simulators to help you get the feel of the dynamic nature of forex trading and of the various interlinked processes that govern it. Free high quality historical  market data is available for 15 main currency pairs since 2009.

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