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Albert Einstein had a favourite mathematical formula – but it was not E = MC squared!
In week 1 of the 2013 live traders’ blog our gain was almost 18% and that involved less than 2 hours work during the week.
You will probably be very pleasantly surprised by the price of this world beating home study course on forex trading. You are very welcome to explore our website and to use the contact us page to ask any questions you may have about our training, mentoring or about how we trade. To try the first two modules of our home study course Making Money With Forex free & without obligation just click anywhere on this underlined text. To see our Live Trading Blog to see our results past and present click on this underlined text Follow-us or leave a comment, we would really like to hear from you. Forex Trader Magazine Issue 13Learn how we stopped using stop-losses and started using hedging to protect our trades.
Life-long coaching & MentoringCoaching and mentoring including email, inbound telephone to mentor and Skype calls for as long as you need it. All of my trading is based on fundamental analysis, which means that I enter new positions based on what has happened in the financial news and any significant economic indicators that have been released. When analyzing a price chart, all I am looking for is previous buying or selling zones that traders have recently used to enter or exit the market from.
Once I have the trading bias - either long or short - from the current market sentiment, I then place my trades and monitor the various technical levels for possible entries. For example, if the bias is short, but a string of positive economic data is released during the trading session, there is a good chance that the sentiment can reverse and change the bias to long. The colored indicator bars and percentage values for each currency are updated automatically every 5 seconds. By studying interest rates, government policies, business cycles, and economic growth in the two countries where the currencies are being compared, forex traders can attempt to predict currency moves. The purpose of this article is to highlight a specific trade in which the technical and fundamental analysis drew the same conclusions demonstrating how beneficial an understanding of both concepts can be. To identify when you are overtrading you will need to have some kind of baseline measure to work from so you can assess there are no parameters to determine when to trade or not so any given price movement or market move provides the temptation to trade.

Boredom – in quiet market conditions, when the trader is spending large amounts of time at the screen there will be times when there are little or no trading opportunities and feelings of boredom can arise. The next stage of development for adding the basic set of technical indicators will start soon.
Successful forex trading requires a solid knowledge of each of these areas and there aren’t many sources for FX traders, which allow them to learn about all the aspects of currency trading in a single place, providing a comprehensive forex trading guide, written by experts in each of those fields.
FX Trader Magazine authors and contributors are all renowned experts in their own area and include top traders, internationally renowned economists and analysts, professional trading coaches and trainers. As in any other disciplines, one of the most important aspects of trading education is practice.
FX Trader Magazine helps traders know which are the best training resources and tools to be better prepared and constantly improve trading results. Running profits is a challenge that many traders have, and there are a number of reasons why this is the case. This article is a short introduction to the process of becoming a fund trader and trading professionally for clients, specifically if you have no prior background in the industry. We are intent on dispelling the myths that lead people to not try trading or to try it and lose money. In quarter 1 of 2014 we will extend our publication media to include Google’s Play Store for Android users and a web flip book edition. We are open to offers to become joint venture partners with people who have a real passion for their subject.
Everyone is welcome to browse and to contact us with any trading related questions you may have, customer or not.
It is probably not too surprising that many who have lost money embarked on trading with no training or guidance. We set out to prove that trading currency does not have to be difficult, risky or time consuming!
For example, the fundamentals could show reasons to buy the US dollar; but the market may be anxious about something else entirely, which then causes traders to instead sell the currency. They can however seriously impact the profitability of short-term traders, if the individuals involved are not paying attention to them. In my opinion, traders that depend on these methods alone will really struggle to make a consistent profit from trading the currency markets. This helps me to hold my trades through drawdown; because even if the price moves against me, I have a strong reason to remain confident in my original position unless the fundamentals or sentiment that caused me to enter change.
Put simply, if the price of a currency reaches what recent data would suggest is close to its optimum price, there’s a good chance that the currency will stop moving in that direction for the rest of a session. Plan your trades thoroughly, assess the outcomes and monitor how your management of the trade affected your profits.
Despite the many years I have spent trying to master FX trading, I am always learning and experiencing events that move the markets in a different way.
Before your trading session, read the latest financial news across a variety of feeds to get an overall feel for what the market is focused on and what key events are influencing its movements and sentiment. Identify the ideal entry points on each currency in the direction of your bias, based on previous buying and selling zones that traders have been using recently. Identify exactly what must happen for you to lose conviction in your position and ensure that you do not lose confidence in your stance by random market moves against your original judgement.

This analysis method helps to predict price action and forex market trends by analyzing economic data and indicators, such as national unemployment data, manufacturing output data, GDP data or monetary policy announcements from central banks. Traders in this situation are very prone to chasing the markets and often find that as they go long the market comes off and as they go short the market rallies. This is a natural part of trading, and is much like the stakeout scenario that the police and special forces operatives encounter, where you are waiting and poised for action. It is a strong and powerful state but also not conducive to good trading as your whole decision making focus is on making money and not on trading your strategy and the two are not always the same. To do this, click the button in the upper right corner of the toolbox.The chart settings are now saved for the entire web terminal rather than a certain trade account. This is still a pretty uncovered area in forex trading and most traders start trading real money without being prepared. There are very few tools today which allow traders to practice trading like in a real market environment, to back test their strategies on various time frames, multiple currencies, with extended historical data. However, it is surprising that many who have lost money did so AFTER PAYING SIGNIFICANT AMOUNTS OF MONEY FOR FOREX TRAINING.
There is nothing to stop anyone using the power of compound returns, as Einstein intended, to make extremely good returns – as long as those involved can trade profitably and safely. Forex trading involves actually buying and selling currency (don’t worry as this does not involve actually buying or selling actual money). We make our money from trading rather than training and are not out to squeeze large amounts of money from people who come to us to find a way to enhance their finances. For the first time ever, outside of a training course, we are revealing how we hedge our trades so that we NEVER HAVE A LOSS - unless we choose to.
With this in mind, it is absolutely vital for traders to accept that nobody knows all of the answers and that there is always more to learn.
Over the years I have used many different trading methodologies, and from my experience, nothing is a better indicator of how a currency's price will moves than global news events. However these situations present the trader with the challenge of being patient and staying out of the market.
Maintain your enthusiasm but re-direct it towards developing your ability to trade your strategy when trades appear and to develop the discipline required to stick to your strategy.
Of particular importance to this form of fundamental analysis are economic data releases such as national unemployment data, manufacturing output data, GDP data and monetary policy announcements from central banks.
Anything that you can do to relieve the necessity to have to make money will be a great step forward for you. The most important area that you can focus on is to work on developing a trading strategy which clearly defines what a trading opportunity is whether that be based on price action, fundamentals, technical analysis, or a combination.
Also consider using your enthusiasm to do any reading or development work that may be required or any other trading specific tasks.
However, interest rates alone cannot predict movements in currencies and traders should look at other economic indicators for a comprehensive fundamental analysis.

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