THIS WHERE I NEED ASSISTANCE FROM THE MEMBERS IN THIS FORUM TO CREATE AND EA FOR ME BASED ON THIS SYSTEM . I noticed you have a 10 pip target and a 50 pip stop, your strategy has to be 90% correct for you to succeed. For the back testing, the hight quality historical market data is prepared with the help of Forex Data Manager software. Smart Forex Tester also includes original Pivot Points Analyzer  tool, which uses a proprietory algorithm to detect market tops and bottoms in real time. Next major release of Smart Forex Tester will support trading strategy definition as Expert Advisor (EA).

If you are new to Forex, take a look at trading simulator,  Metatrader 4 Traning Videos and  Forex Books. Trading Automation can help in overcoming human factor in Forex trading, so it is very important. Along with back testing, Smart Forex Tester is able to execute tests on live market data (i.e. For the forward testing, the live data is streamed from Metatrader via a special Expert Advisor and the Forex Data Recorder tool.
We discuss Forex strategy testing  essentials and explain our Forex Testing Methodology. We also suggest using price action patterns as test scenarios.

Moreover, trading automation can also considerably improve Forex strategy testing efficiency, because testing of automated trading strategies can also be automated.

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