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Discover how to make money from online trading, including futures trading, forex trading, day trading, commodities trading and stock trading with Anna Coulling. 15th January 2015 is a date etched into the memory of Swiss franc traders, and is the day the SNB removed the floor of support for the currency, unleashing a wave of volatility on the markets not seen since the dark days of the financial crisis back in 2008.
It was business as usual for the big operators on the 5 minute chart for oil, with the trap move clearly evident immediately after the open of the major US markets. With the Nikkei having fallen over 2% at the start of a new trading week and month, European and London traders could be forgiven for thinking their respective markets and Globex would simply follow suit.

With only two tier 2 releases due this afternoon in the US, namely Flash Manufacturing PMI and New Home Sales, and liquidity fast draining away as summer kicks in, it will be interesting to see whether this morning’s moves in the forex market are likely to continue, or simply wither away. Interesting move in Cable today as it appears to have failed to capitalize on Gov Carney’s remarks about interest rates, and the need for a rise sooner rather than later. These are interesting times for oil traders and speculators with Friday’s OPEC meeting in Vienna now on the horizon, and the question that will then be answered is whether the group will cut output to stem the supply glut that is now increasingly having to be held offshore around the oceans of the world. Last week in a relatively quiet week for the currency majors in the run up to Thanksgiving, it was the euro and the British pound which came under most pressure with the Australian dollar and the Canadian dollar trying to hold onto recent gains. For the VIX it has been business as usual with the reverberations of late summer calming as the index continues to edge ever lower and down towards single figures, where¬†complacency dominates and where the warning flags will really start to fly.

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