The foreign exchange market or the forex is concerned with trading of international currencies. Here are some of the top forex sites offering currency trading platforms, discussion boards and the latest news. This is a Cyprus based forex broker and social forex trading network that can be used to connect with other traders. This site provides all the strategies designed to get the best out of trading in forex markets. This is a site providing complete coverage of the latest forex news and the upcoming economic events. This site provides the latest news about the currencies market along with expert analysis and opinion. This site provides information about the commodity and forex trading and platform to trade currencies online.
This is a site that provides a free platform for trading with commodities and currencies for multiple pairs. This site offers four different forex trading platforms along with all the research and analysis tools. This site provides access to the Plus 500 trading platform that covers a wide range of spectrum like shares, forex, commodities, ETFs and CFDs.
This site provides an online forex trading platform, which can also be tested using the demo account. FXDD provides comprehensive forex trading tools, while there are numerous platforms for the trading terminal of this brokerage firm.

The site allows you to manage the FOREXYARD trading account including opening, depositing, and withdrawing money. In order to use it, you need to turn on DLL Imports in your Metatrader platform options, because it calls a DLL to get your timezone, as well as another to read the ForexFactory web page to get news information. It provides technical analysis, information about the brokers, latest forex news, opinions, and detailed charts.
It provides information about the upcoming financial events, the complete guide of the forex brokers, a comprehensive list of currency converters and forex calculators.
There are various research material and tools designed to teach visitors about forex trading. The site has various financial tools including detailed analysis of the charts of shares, forex, and commodities.
Information like latest forex news, chart analysis, technical analysis, and the latest economic calendar are available on this site.
There are various tools available for traders like the economic calendar and Fibonacci calculator. All the basics and tutorials of trading in forex and other markets are present in this site. News, commentary, educational resources, and trading tools are available to both individual and institutional users. There are various trading tools like focus on individual currency news, forex calendar, and a comprehensive tutorial of forex trading.
I’d like to share with you two very useful indicators that show you the upcoming forex news releases.

Download and unzip the News v303.ZIP file into your MT4 folder, unzipping the files within to the relevant sub-folders, and overwriting any existing files of the same name.
Run the Calc Timeshifts.EX4 script if you wish to have the time offsets calculated automatically for you. You have to register for the forum in order to download the files attached to that forum post. Such information is now available on the web with many sites focusing specifically on forex. The site has a special trading course available for the beginners, while a discussion board is also present. There are various tutorials, forex videos, demo accounts, and a simulator available for beginners. Various forex contests are held along the way, while the site has access to the live TV covering forex markets.
The trading terminals are available across a wide range of platforms, while basics of forex trading are also present.

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