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Despite a lack of meaningful fundamental news and a holiday in the UK, forex markets have provided some positive trades today in particular in the Australian and Canadian dollars which have both strengthened against the US dollar.
Whether these positive moves continue for the rest of the trading session is debatable given the dire economic news emerging from all the major economies which now appear to be in a synchronised slowdown.

However, as forex traders whilst we must be aware of the broader economic and geo political pictures ultimately we must trade what we see on our charts and profit accordingly and not be influenced by what we hear or read. The question now is ¬†whether this morning’s mildly positive mood will continue and for this we must simply trust our charts and our indicators and of course with Hawkeye we are never in any doubt. If you are interested in finding out more about Hawkeye and we use it in our own forex trading please just complete the comment form below and we’ll get back to you.
In this easy reading guide, I reveal the tips, techniques and lessons that I have learnt which have helped me to become a successful forex trader.
This forex broker revolutionized the online forex trading industry, by making currency and commodity trading like oil and gold easily accessible and understandable for new and experienced traders.

The forex software of is an in-house development, which makes foreign exchange trading easy, profitable and fun. The software is very graphical and contains animations so it is extremely easy to understand, what is happening at any given point.

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