Customize Firetip to your trading style - organize quotes, charts, news and tools across one monitor or more. Include one-of-a-kind tools like the Firetip trading matrix and depth-of-market window for on-the-fly analysis. For a fraction of this capability, you could pay thousands per year, or commit yourself to unrealistic trading volumes in unfavorable markets. I've experimented with some other ones, but of the online trading platforms I've tried Firetip was my favourite.I like the layout that firetip has because I can arrange the various window to different sizes and position them where I like on the screen.
Firetip offers all the major indicators, but they don't allow you to program you own indicators into the online trading platform.

With Go Futures, you get access to a powerful trading platform that stays completely under your control. Some of the other online trading platforms I've tried put a lot of emphasis on what I call a vertical price scanner. If you're into programming trading strategies, they have that too, but I don't use it.All in all, I am quite satisfied with Firetip. It's a good blend of variety, detail, and versatility, but it's also a little bit simpler and more user friendly than a lot of the best futures trading platform that some professionals use. Firetip offers that for me.Some other feature my best futures trading platform offers are alerts.

I like alerts because if I'm busy doing things around the house while I'm waiting for a trade to set up, I can set an alert to sound like an alarm when prices reach the point I'm waiting for.Another feature I really like about firetip is that I can save different "workspaces".
So I can log off one work space designed to trade sugar and dollar index on 60 minute charts, and log onto another workspace designed for trading currency futures.

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