The idea to use Fibonacci numbers in the charts is that you are able to find more supports and resistances.
If you want to use the Fibonacci numbers in the charts, you are required to find the top and the bottom of the previous trend.
The effect that Fibonacci numbers may have on market is considered to be highly significant.
As we mentioned in our previous article, if the Fibonacci numbers are used in connection with the formation of our body, from our genes to our internal and external organs, accordingly they could also be effective in our behavior.
The Fibonacci number sequence was brought to the west by Leonardo Pisano Bigollo (1170 - 1250) also known as Fibonacci. Most traders who are familiar with the Fibonacci numbers are likely more acquainted with the ratios that result when they are divided with each other, and how they are applied to trading. In order to obtain the Fibonacci ratios we know and use in trading, we must divide the numbers with one another.
Fibonacci levels are used by all types of traders, as they provide very clear levels for both stops and targets. Many of the top traders I know and respect who use them, do so with great success, as they understand the strengths and application of Fibonacci numbers in trading. Fibonacci numbers are the only secondary tool that I use in our trading models, outside of price action. When I asked Larry why he uses Fibonacci levels in his trading, he responded by sending me some videos, two of which are presented below. In the first video, Larry provides an analysis of the EURUSD cross, where his primary focus is on Fibonacci levels and Gartley patterns. In this next video, which focusses on Gold, his focus is again on Fibonacci levels and Gartley patterns. Another great and very thorough trading book about the effective use of Fibonacci retracements is, Fibonacci Trading – How to Master the Time and Price Advantage, written by Carolyn Boroden. Fibonacci analysis enables you to identify high probability, relatively low risk trade setups where the risk is clearly defined along with the targets. My interest in Fibonacci levels in trading started when I began programming the Price Action Pro indicator.

To me, the Fibonacci number sequence is fascinating, not only because of its use in trading but because it exists in so many things. Fibonacci numbers have unique properties and a special connection to the Golden Ratio.Now, I will hand over to mathematician Arthur Benjamin, who is far more qualified to explain the magic of Fibonacci numbers. When the previous trend was a downtrend, you draw the Fibonacci levels from top to the bottom and extend the lines trying to make them cover the next completing trend. Fibonacci was best known for his use of the Fibonacci numbers in his work, Liber Abaci (Book of Calculation).
Despite how some may feel about the Fibonacci numbers and their use in the financial markets, the evidence stacked up to support the use of Fibonacci numbers, makes it difficult to ignore them. It's best to start with one of the larger numbers in the sequence such as 34, as this will ensure a greater degree of decimal point accuracy. For the price action trader, Fibonacci levels can be combined with historically respected levels of support and resistance to help qualify price sensitive levels. I asked three of the most respected names in trading why they use Fibonacci levels in their trading and received their responses.
During his workshops and Pro Traders Club webinars, some of the key points you'll hear him discuss over and over again are support and resistance and Fibonacci retracement levels. The common thought that price response at Fibonacci levels is the result of a consensus of traders eyeing the same level is a myth. Analogically, when the previous trend was an uptrend, you draw the Fibonacci levels from the bottom to the top and extend the lines trying to make them cover the next completing trend.
The magic of the Fibonacci numbers and their role in trading is something that has occupied me for some time now, and will be the focus of this article. A single day of trading and a 200+ pip bullish rally moved through this level by 16 pips before closing roughly 150 pips below it.
Designers, architects, and even computer scientists apply Fibonacci sequence in their work.It is not surprising that, somewhere down the road, traders decided to give Fibonacci a chance. No matter how you trade, providing you understand how to properly apply them, Fibonacci levels can be used to complement most trading styles. Rather, in my fourteen years using Fibonacci levels, there is a distinct and consistent human rhythm that connects Fibonacci numbers to real market behaviour.

Fibonacci retracement levels calculated using data from the period previous to the current. This book is a true gem as Larry goes into great detail in order to effectively explain how Fibonacci ratios are used to qualify Gartley patterns (e.g.
As an example, assuming that the December 2013 high was established before the low, if you draw Fibonacci levels from the high to the low and project the Fibonacci retracement levels onto price action one month into the future, which in this example would be January 2014, you'll find that price will respect these levels to the point that it almost looks manipulated. And it is definitely possible to build a trading strategy completely around Fibonacci trading techniques.Fibonacci Trading TechniquesThere are several Fibonacci trading techniques. We added the Fibonacci fans in red.Draw a vertical line down from the peak of the chosen swing. The curves are reminiscent of parabolic chart patterns and the Parabolic SAR trading indicator, which come from the concept of accelerating prices.
Then, use Fibonacci ratios to calculate different diameters for the other circle levels.Circle trading uses entire circles as potential support and resistance level while arc trading uses only the bottom half of the circles (below the red line). The other levels are less impressive.Fibonacci Time ExtensionsApply Fibonacci extensions to the horizontal time axis and you get Fibonacci time extensions.
You get the idea.How to Really Trade with Fibonacci NumbersFibonacci numbers are near magical in nature and biology, and are wonderful in design and arts. Do not attach mystical power to it.Regardless of whether Fibonacci numbers are magical, they offer a useful framework for analyzing price action.
Looking out for reversal patterns at projected Fibonacci levels is an effective trading method.You can also consider other ratios in your projection.
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