By Rob Berger 10 Comments As I search for online stock trading sites for my SEP IRA, it’s been intresting to watch the discount brokers compete on price. All in all, I think Sogotrade’s deep discount stock trades make it a real contender in the online discount stock trading wars. SogoTrade is probably the cheapest online-trader there is, with a service that is on par or better than the three other companies I used to use for stock trading.
Discount stock trading brokers can be split into two groups, the pay per share discount stock trading group and the pay per trade discount stock trading group.

Many brokers allow stock traders to pay on a per share basis, meaning that you pay depending on the size of your stock transaction.
The cost will be higher on a stock trade of 500 shares of stock X then it will be for 100 shares of stock X. Please take time to understand the risks associated with stock trading and seek the advice of professionals. I am a fairly active penny stock trader (most of my stock purchases have been in the $2 and under range).

This discount stock trades model is more suited for the recreational trader who does not have many transactions. For example, during the recent down turn Ford, Beazer Homes, Genworth Financial and Citigroup all fell to penny stock levels.

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