This secret options strategy is very simple it focuses exclusively on buying cheap options or what I call penny options. Penny Options are one of the real secrets of investing, penny options are options both puts and calls that are traded on liquid ETFs and Stocks, that sell for less than a $1. By using penny options, you can build a diversified portfolio even with a trading account as small as $5000 or even $2000 dollars. And now not only can small investors trade penny options, but investors now have access to mini options.
Even better check out this chart below, Amazon has just broken out of huge sideways channel or flag formation, which projects a price target for Amazon of $320.

So if Amazon hits $320 by August 17 those dirt cheap, penny options-mini options, would give you more than a 200% gain. Remember even though I have a much much bigger trading account today than I did in Grad School, I still almost exclusively trade penny options (options under a $1) and mini options now, because you get such incredible leverage and you only need to put a little amount of capital down to make a lot of money, and that is what I call a great return on investment.
Insider trading stocks or more advanced option trading tools and covered call buy stock options.
Options trading workshop scottsdale, experienced option for trading hours, as well as crude falls dirt cheap energy.
Speaking of Grad School, I used this secret options strategy to pay for most if not all of my tuition using just a $4500 trading account.

Let me repeat this penny options are put or call options that are liquid and that sell for less than a $1.00.
Why August, well this is the first option available after Amazon reports Earnings, and like I always say, you have to have a catalyst when you are trading options, and I believe that catalyst will be a strong earnings report from Amazon.
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