Chimera is one of few firms to have access to the new Takion trading platform.  Takion is a front-end equity trading platform delivering exceptionally fast quotes and executions without sacrificing features.
Lightspeed offers one of the most robust, reliable, and fast Direct Market Access trading platforms in the industry through their Lightspeed Trader. Their trading technology and risk management tools create the perfect combination of speed and stability required by active traders and trading groups alike. The following table outlines the major platforms that Chimera offers, including how they are accessed and what products we trade through them.

Please note that Chimera Securities LLC is a proprietary trading firm and is not soliciting customers or customer relationships by means of this website or otherwise.
We offer direct market access to multiple asset classes through either front-ends for discretionary trading or APIs for automated trading. In the process of going live, we will discuss with you which platform best suits your needs.

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