In honor of kids coming back to school, Benchwarmer has released a special set featuring some their models dressed up in schoolgirl attire, the company revealed Monday.
Back To School Girls 11-Card Auto SetThis Website Exclusive product is made up of 7 pre-released School Girl Autographs and 4 NEVER RELEASED Cards including Jennifer Johnson, Jessica Pribanic, Cassandra Salvagio and Kimmie Anderson.
And be sure to check out Hobbykings, the best trading card forum on the Internets and celebrating its sixth year.

Juan MartinezLA Trading Card ExaminerJuan can remember a trading card gone by the same way wine connoisseurs can recall an exquisite vintage; it's all in the smell. As part of my continued service to the community, each day we will feature a different image gallery that highlights some of the finest cards that the industry has to offer.

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