This 4-Step Cycle Trading System identifies with pin-point accuracy intra-day price trends and gives an entry trigger that gets you in at the very beginning of the new intra-day price cycle.
When you begin to day trade with this level of accuracy you open the door to tremendous diversification, HUGE UPSIDE and extremely LOW RISK. Now think about how big you can grow your account by having a day trading system that can spot major intra-day market moves as they start to happen and not as they are about to end! This intra-day system is so laser-beam accurate that your trading risk is sharply reduced on all trades.
The day trading course is a complete trading method unto itself including all the rules, filters and money management parameters.

This trading system is for the intra-day, day trader that wants no overnight trading exposer.
When getting into a long trade or a short trade at a cycle low or high and using momentum to trigger the entry the day trades rarely go against you. The PCDTM does just this and allows you to be in those trades that you use to just read about. Now you can catch the big market moves in Crude Oil or Gold and Silver or any other major asset class. It is an amazing, simple to use, 4-Step day trading system that can be used to trade across all asset classes: STOCKS, BONDS, FOREX and COMMODITIES.

You just sit back and let the PCDTM tell you when to jump in, taking the stress and second guessing out of your trading.

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