Depending on your line of work, your company may offer flexible work arrangements that permit you to work from home on a regular basis.
You need high speed internet and preferably a direct LAN connection from your provider to your home. Depending on your trading style, you could be sitting for a few hours or up to 8+ hours per day. When I first started day trading at home, I decided to use the same chair I had from my college dorm room, which at the time was about 8 years old. While you may be day trading at home, this does not mean your home should have anything to do with your computer. You need to make sure day trading at home does not begin to resemble a corporate environment where you feel like a developer trapped in an office basement.

Since we have covered the facilities portion of your day trading operation, now we need to get into what is required of you. Have a set time every morning that you will be in your chair ready to start researching your trades for the day. While your family may not understand the details of your trading strategy, you will undoubtedly need their support. In terms of day trading at home, they are a part of your business, simply because they are also at home. I would love to say you will be able to pull it off against all odds, but not having the support of your family is simply too much, especially if you are occupying the same space during the trading day. When thinking of day trading at home remember it's more than just having the physical space and hardware required.

While renting space may seem like it's not an option depending on your funds available, you will likely lose more from missed trading opportunities then the few hundred bucks required to rent an office. Once you have tried trading for a few days, go back and see if you can still answer yes to the 10 questions.

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