Pivot strategy 1I mentioned before that pivot points are one of my favourite day trading strategies because I know professional day traders still look at them. I think Amibroker is good for quickly verify ideas through backtest but not ideal for auto live trading. But it will likely rebound off the level as traders take profits so you can sometimes manage to pull a few quick points.As you can see in the next example, the FTSE 100 (which is in a multi-month upward trend) moved nicely off the pivot yesterday and the day before.
While most indicators move in seemingly random patterns, the Chaikin exhibits a distinct pattern, because it takes volume into account.As you can see, the Chaikin crosses over the zero line at roughly the same time every single day.

If it’s a major surprise the move will be larger and go on for longer, maybe even a few days.
But maybe you could build a small watch-list of tradable stocks and keep alert for any big news stories.#9. But the trick to trading trend lines is strict risk management and careful position sizing.In this example, a break of the downward trend line is a good signal to go long.
Triangle patternsTriangle patterns form from the converging of trend lines so they can be traded in a similar way and I went into more detail about them here.Triangle patterns like wedges are useful for finding markets that are about to break out into new trends.

CorrelationsAnother thing to look out for when day trading is the different correlations between assets.You could get really technical with this and create correlation matrixes.
But it still works, as Japanese day trader CIS proves.CIS is able to keep an eye on hundreds of different markets and gets a feel for when a stock is about to move.

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