The futures market provides the basis for the Emini day trading we do here at Samurai Trading Academy, so it's probably best to start with a quick summary of what futures are. This diversity made the S&P 500 index much more representative of the overall market's health and increased its popularity as a premier trading market. The brokerage commissions for round-trip trading are usually much lower for the S&P 500 Futures contract. As the S&P 500 Index is very diversified, it reduces the risk of sudden adverse moves that are not uncommon in trading individual stocks. While the contract does trade for most of the day, here at Samurai Trading Academy we prefer to focus our Emini day trading on what we consider the part of the trading day which offers the highest quality opportunities.

Since futures contracts were originally designed as contractual agreements for the delivery of a commodity at a specified time in the future, Emini futures contracts expire as well.
As Emini day traders this rollover doesn't effect us much as we don't hold positions in the market overnight or during the expiration time, but we need to know about this feature of the futures market so we remember to take a minute to change over our trading contract every few months. Emini day trading is quite different from trading the larger contracts due to the variations in price movement and tick pricing. The Emini S&P 500 uses different tick and point values that are well suited for novice and veteran day traders alike. You should now have a good understanding of what Emini day trading is and how Emini futures came to be such active markets for traders.

In future articles in this series we plan on covering a number of topics related to Emini day trading.
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