Throughout the 1820s and 1830s the company controlled nearly all trading operations in the Oregon Country, based out of the company headquarters at Fort Vancouver on the Columbia River. One aspect of the company's operations was the Hudson's Bay Company Stores, trading posts that were established across northern Canada. Having worked on Clifton Hill in customer service for nearly 12 years now, I know first-hand the products that fly off the shelves at the Canada Trading Company. Sayer, a Métis trapper and trader, was accused of the illegal trading of furs and brought to trial by the Court of Assiniboia, which was heavily stacked with either HBC officals or HBC supporters.

The route Radisson and Groseilliers discovered led to rich trading grounds to the north and west of Lake Superior, which they said could be reached from the north through Hudson Bay instead of over land from New France. The street is alive with attractions, dining, nightclubs, and many retail outlets — with the Canada Trading Company being a leader in selling any kind of Canadian-made products that you can think of. After a successful trading expedition over the winter of 1668–1669, the Nonsuch returned to England. Native addiction to alcohol became another inducement to fur trading, with their lack of European cultural history of being innured to it and which may be related, as some claim, to a lack of a form of biological resistance to extreme drunkneness that could be exploited.

After war broke out in Europe between France and England in the 1680s, the two nations regularly sent expeditions to raid and capture each other's fur trading posts.

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