Visit broker websites and compare feesFor each broker, visit its website and check if it has your absolutely necessary feature. This is because search engines are not perfect.Next, record the following information for at least ten of the brokers listed in the search results. However, we can only find out about these areas from other clients of the brokers.Fortunately, there are dozens of forums with fellow day traders. Trading Setups Review has a useful search tool that covers 27 day trading forums.Take your time to read what other traders say about the brokers and ask questions on forums when necessary.
Obtain a trial from the day trading brokerStarting with the first broker on your list, ask for a trial account.

During the trial period, assess the level of support given by the broker and the features of their trading platform. Ensure that you can execute your day trading strategy reliably with the broker.After the trial, if you are happy with the broker. Monitor continuouslyEven after funding your account, you are not done with choosing the best day trading broker. Cancel reply Get Updates via EmailSubscribe for TSR updates and get a free eBook - “Day Trading with the Anti-Climax Pattern”.
Understanding price action is the real key to profitable trading and thats what Galen's course provides.

The most beautiful part of the series is that Galen has analyzed all the practical examples with great detail and with his lots of experience in day trading.

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