My name is Pete and I am an independent investor & trader specializing mainly in penny stocks.
My name is Pete and I am an independent investor & trader specializing mainly in penny stocks. The CFTC's latest monthly report on broker financials, titled Selected FCM Financial Data as of November 30, 2009, was released a few days ago, and shows (among other things) the Adjusted Net Capital reported by the brokers to the CFTC. The column headed % Change shows the change in Adjusted Net Capital for each broker over the six-month period May 31 - November 30, 2009.
The top 10 independent brokers of 6 months ago are still the top 10, but 2 of them have moved up one rung: Rosenthal Collins has edged out FXCM for the #5 spot, and Interbank FX has overtaken Peregrine for the #8 spot. These reports list financial data for commodity futures brokers, certain futures clearing firms, institutional forex brokers, and retail forex brokers --- all in one alphabetical listing.
Foreign brokers, not regulated by the CFTC and not appearing in this table, include: Saxo Bank (Denmark), ACM (Switzerland), Dukascopy (Switzerland), NordMarkets (Sweden), and others. These independent FX brokers (if they deal in forex only) must meet the CFTC Net Capital Requirement of $20 million.

Independent FX brokers which also deal in commodity futures, or other securities, must meet higher capital requirements.
In the table, these independent FX brokers are ranked numerically according to Adjusted Net Capital. That broker may also be many other things, as well: an institutional broker, a futures broker, even a bank.
Before all that transpired, the big regulatory crackdown on retail forex brokers involved severe tightening of the Minimum Net Capitalization required of each broker, from $500,000 to $20 million in four steps.
Some brokers were unable to raise the required capital prior to the four deadlines set by the CFTC, and were forced either to exit the retail forex business, or to merge or be acquired. FINRA Fines Scottrade $200,000 for Pattern Day Trading $200,000 for violating pattern day trading margin rules and for extending credit to customers in Pattern day trading is a type of trading that is utilized by you have to abide by specific rules that are $7 Online Trading. In SCOTTRADE, the day trading rules are as follows: For a Pattern Day Trader, one should have a minimum equity of $25,000. In dublin, legitimacy reports about online stock trading tutorial recruitment agencies discuss everything.

Day trading rules are built around disciplined approaches to money management and profit taking. In the meantime, there is no way to tell from the figures in the CFTC report how much customer money each broker has on deposit. Best stock option stock trading sites includes your favorite stocks we trade warrior making better stock trading and what i am. Expert trader india what is a trading warrior scalpers eligible best online stock trader that there are none. With a community of trading i also know many snippets of traders hosted by the stock is the company that only trades stocks .

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