The whole idea of high frequency trading is to open positions for only a very short amount of time, sometimes just a few seconds. High frequency trading, particularly scalping, requires you to spend many hours glued to monitors tracking the minute by minute movement. High frequency trading systems are very emotionally-fuelled ventures and attract those looking for a massive adrenaline rush.
Despite what you read in the trading forums, high frequency trading does not by any definition offer the means to a smooth, risk-free path to greater profits.
Brokers benefit from high frequency trading so greatly, that they will even pressure you to do it.

I know most high frequency traders are running on the highest leverage possible for their account.
This encourages the gambling mindset when the trader is no longer thinking probabilities, but trading purely from greed, boredom, desperation or overconfidence.
All the extra variables you bring onto your charts are only going to make it harder for you to execute clear-minded, logical trading decisions. This starts to induce stress which grows into irrational and emotional Forex trading mistakes. High frequency trading approaches also run the risk of getting caught up in re-quote errors when the market is experiencing increased volatility.

This is one of the driving forces behind the attraction to high frequency trading strategies. While the high frequency trader is trying to recover from losses, every single stop-out makes the hole, four risk-factors deeper.

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