The rumors about a Carlos Ruiz trade began in earnest about 2 days ago when the Phillies signed veteran Turkey Bacon Pitchman (and Catcher), Erik Kratz to a Minor League deal. Right in our own Division the Mets have been getting by with injury magnet Travis d'Arnaud and the various spare parts who fill in during his DL stints (Plawecki has done well, the other battery mates have not). The Mariners are rumored to be in the market for a Catcher, so they can send Mike Zunino back down to Triple-A. During the Lehigh Valley IronPigs broadcast after the signing the announcers noted a rumor that Kratz would be heading down the Northeast Extension in the next 11 days when a trade happened (or perhaps 611 if he wants a more scenic route and has 3 or 4 hours to kill).

First is that the Phillies have a trade already in progress with the Mariners, as they sent Tyler Knigge, a Reliever to them, so it's possible we just haven't heard another part of the deal including Ruiz. Then today Morning Call reporter and IronPigs beat writer Tom Housenick tweeted that the Fightin' Phils placed Catcher Logan Moore on the Temporarily Inactive list until a trade is completed to open a roster spot for him with the IronPigs.
The second thing I like about this rumor is that teams tend to trade with a stable of partners and the Phillies have traded a few times with the M's.
Again, no specifics, but it fits the idea that Ruiz gets traded Kratz moves up and Moore goes back to Lehigh Valley.

The Phillies could also look at a few arms in the system, as Seattle has a rather good track record of late of developing Pitchers.

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