Market conditions turned severely bearish in 2007 and stock markets began an historic decline of generational proportions. Real financial security comes when you stop fighting the markets and start allowing all of the up and down action to start working for you. You are going to see some very predictable rhythms in the stock market that are used by big institutional traders who buy and sell stocks like clockwork. You see, an average stock investor will only enter a position once they "feel" comfortable with the idea that stock markets (or their stocks) are likely to keep rising. In the booming 90's, you could have picked almost any stock and watched it climb for what seemed like forever. Blame it on computerized trading, hedge fund trading, or changes in trading regulations, but the fact that huge volumes of stock can be executed in a matter of seconds can have a dramatic impact on the markets.
That volume comes mostly from institutional traders, who control as much as 70% of the daily market volume.
In fact, some investors use clusters as their only trading strategy several times each year.
After an intermediate cycle "cluster" formation, a large number of stocks will dramatically outperform the markets. A simple and free search in the Members section of the website will show you what stocks are likely to rocket. By trading double beta ETF's and even options during these times, the returns can become multiples of what is shown above!

Whether you invest in Mutual Funds, Stocks, Options, ETF's, Indices - like the NDX, OEX, SOX or others, the Market Forecast will keep you on the right side of each trade and help you avoid serious investing mistakes. You already know that when stock markets are rising, a majority of stocks end up rising with it. Don't waste anymore time looking for one great stock or for the best investing opportunity, they are in front of you all the time, you just need to start seeing them with different eyes. You've no doubt discovered that technical indicators like a MACD, Stochastics, RSI, or patterns like triangles, flags, and hundreds of similar trading tools will ultimately fail.
We're going to de-horn the bull, de-claw the bear, and give you powerful new ways to earn fat profits - regardless of whether markets are trading up or down.
In fact, you'll find what we do is much simpler than the old fashioned hard work of just finding a good stock. As you watch their action through the lens of our Market Forecasts, you'll time your stock positions just ahead of their big moves, and that means profit. What may astound you, is that this rhythmic action is found not only on daily charts, but in intra-day charts down to the tick level too. In fact, if the "buy and hold" strategy were really the best way to profit, why would institutional traders - the largest daily volume traders in the markets - move their money in and out of stocks like clockwork.
Fund managers cannot simply push a button and freely move millions of shares of stock without also unbalancing markets against themselves. We uncover both minor and major cyclical trading patterns they adhere to, showing you where big money is going, and how long it will take them to get there!

They are typically referred to as "high beta" stocks (a beta of 1 produces percentage moves equal to the market, a beta 2 should be double that).
And while not every stock ends up a home run, as you'll see below, the results can be dramatic. They have a plan, and don't just arrive on the trading floor in the morning to "see what happens". Futures traders persuaded Steve to adapt his  technology to help identify subtle but repeating patterns of movement they described to him, which exist in the futures and stock markets.
His expert daily commentaries reinforce the easy to understand methods that work in any market and which anyone can learn. Since then, even the stocks of well managed companies have become subject to more wild, short-term swings, triggered by broader market volatility.
What's remarkable though, is that every year, when markets run, more than  80% of stocks will ultimately participate. The truth is: At such times, even a dart throwing stock picker can easily land on a majority of winners.
High beta stocks as you will see below, had gains between 200% - 400% while the Dow had risen 50% from it  March 12, 2009 clustered lows.

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