This article is relevant if you are using NetSuite’s multiple currency rates and you are not satisfied with the default daily automatic price update feature. Now, if you are going to use your own exchange rate pricing mechanism, the manual option isn’t going to work due to the ongoing maintenance. Let us know if you have found a better way to use SuiteScript to update currency exchange rates.
The Spreadsheets Direct Currency Exchange Rate Calculator Spreadsheet allows you to easily convert money from one currency to another. The currency of Nicaragua is the cordoba, which is named after the country's founder Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba.

These numbers are relatively low compared to their neighbor Costa Rica, whose currency fluctuation has caused them to issue 10,000 colon bills. Each Central American country has their own set of rules about this activity, but currency exchange on the street in Nicaragua is something to be very careful about. Finally, although it is extremely convenient, avoid exchanging money at the currency exchange kiosks in the international airline terminals back home.
Simply pick the currency to convert from via a dropdown, enter the amount to convert and all the currency values will be instantly updated to match.
The exchange rates are easily updateable with a simple download from the European Central Bank website so you will always be up-to-date with the latest exchange rates.

For those wearing the badges, they are officially allowed to exchange money and they are both convenient and trustworthy. I have on many occasions stopped to exchange money with them and it is a quick and pleasant experience. Their exchange rates are terrible and depending on the location, you might even risk getting stopped by the police afterwards for doing the transaction in the first place!

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