Le site consacre aux strategies de trading incorporant des produits derives, en particulier des options. Les options sur les matieres premieres ( commodities ) ont des specificites qu'il convient de connaitre si l'on souhaite les negocier. Le crude oil WTI est un contrat future cote sur le CME qui porte sur une quantite de 1000 barils de petrole ( 1 baril = 42 gallons ? 159 litres ) et qui donne lieu physiquement a la livraison du petrole (Physical Delivery). Wasn't oil in 40's back on 07 or 08 BEFORE the market crashed and rose significantly while the markets crashed.

As global equity markets continue a strong move higher into Options Expiration week, something seems to be missing. Options expiration will likely provide the impetus for the major equity indices to test or record all-time highs.
Speaking of short-term, here is a chart of Crude Oil that highlights the recent chop lower from the August highs even as equities near new highs. And considering that Crude Oil prices peaked in late August, I thought it would be a good idea to put up a weekly chart for some perspective (see below).

Zooming in on the weekly chart for Crude Oil, my eyes are drawn to the nasty reversal candlestick recorded in late August; that long wick foretold the recent rough patch in Crude Oil prices. In fact, Crude Oil has been mired in a steady grind lower, unaffected by the wild swing in equities.

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