Covered call is a fairly common conservative strategy where investors make an attempt to increase the return on their investments. We need to first introduce the concept of options because it lies in the heart of this strategy.
Upon striking the agreement between you and the other side for the call option, a cash fee is paid by the potential buyer to the seller.
As we’ve already established, you receive money the same day you sell the call option. Covered calls carry a certain risk, but in general they can be rather beneficial in granting you short-term benefits and even decreasing potential losses.
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If the stock rallies above the strike price, the Put Option will become ITM and will be squared off.
A Short Call Options, also known as Naked Call Options strategy, involves the sale of a call option. Let the option expire worthless and earn the full sum of premium collected Buy back the call options and close off the position at a profit.Buy a lower strike call of the same expiration date and create a Bear Call Spread Strategy. Next go to another bearish strategy, Covered Put, to learn how profit can be make from a bearish stock.
Writing covered puts is a bearish options trading strategy involving the writing of put options while shorting the obligated shares of the underlying stock.

Profit for the covered put option strategy is limited and maximum gain is equal to the premiums received for the options sold.
A put option is a derivative that gives the owner the right, but not the obligation to sell shares of stock at a set price, for set period of time. Put options are bought when you have a bearish (market heading lower) view on the market or on a particular stock.
If the stock in question is currently trading at $40 and you believe it will fall lower, buying a put at the $42 strike price might be a good strategy. As the price of the stock falls below $40 your put at the $42 strike price becomes even more valuable. A put option at the $42 strike increases in price because the put option gives the owner the right to sell shares of stock at $42 even though the price of the stock is lower. It can reduce potential risks and even increase your profits, but it can also reduce your profits by trading the money you get from the free right away and collecting the options earlier, for higher gains later. This may generate some considerable profits, but this will mean that you will have to actually buy stocks in order to sell them later (because of the option) which can lead to significant losses depending on the stock prices. If the prices stay below the strike price, then the trader will square off his futures position and also pocket the premium amount received from Put Option.
Naked call writing has the same profit potential as the covered put write but is executed using call options instead.
If you hold a put option you want the price of the underlying stock to decrease, whereas when purchasing a call option, you want the security’s value to rise. If the stock were to fall to $35 a share your $42 put option would have $7 of intrinsic value, not including any time value that remains depending on how far away expiration Friday is.

For example, if you purchase a set of stocks today for USD 40 and believe that they will rise to USD 50 in six months, but need some short-term profits sooner, you may sell a call option for the stocks at USD 45. The obvious downside is that if the stocks rise significantly, you will be worse for selling the options than you would’ve been had you simply held the stocks. Selling an option for stocks you don’t have is called a “naked call”, which has a high loss potential. The trader will short one lot of stock future and simultaneously short one ATM Put Option, the option strike price will be his exit price. A position that can allow you to profit with less risk would be to purchase a put option contract.
Intrinsic value is calculated by taking the  strike price of the option and subtracting the current price of the stock ($42 – $40 = $2).
By selling your covered call you gain the profits sooner, even though you get less for them than if they were at USD 50 after six months. He shorts 1 NIFTY Futures, and simultaneously writes one 5200 ATM Put Option for a premium of Rs 100. In the money options have a statistically higher chance of expiring in the money and thus making you a profit. In other words, a contract is stricken between you and the buyer of the option that you are giving him the right to purchase your stocks at a foreordain price (which is called a strike price) and before a predetermined date (called the expiration date).

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