When you compare brokerage account fees there are a number of additional considerations that you must keep in mind besides the headline rates listed in the comparison tables. Another popular brokerage model charges a fixed per-share price (usually with a minimum transaction fee of $1). Please keep these details in mind when you use the tables on this site to compare brokerage account fees.

Conversely, as you trade more regularly the role that account fees will play in your success increases.
Above all, focus on your own particular needs – often these will be more important to you profitability and trading success than the difference in account fees.
Often, there is little need to compare brokerage account fees if you plan to trade only one per week, or less often still.

To directly compare brokerage account fees for these two different models takes some thought, and you’ll need to have a good idea of how large your order blocks are typically going to be.

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