The apparel stores industry stocks had several earning surprises in the last quarters – positive and negative.
The earnings season bring with it a lot of swing trading opportunities, especially to these stocks that have history of earning surprises and high price fluctuations.
Based on financial ratios the stock is undervalued and has a good upside potential in the near-term. From technical perspective, the stock is in a down-trend channel since the beginning of April. In addition the stock formed a descending triangle since the beginning of April, which is a bullish chart pattern.

If the stock will hold the 22.5$ support line and break the blue down trend-line it can bounce back to the 25$ resistance area and even to 27$. The stock is up almost 15% since the beginning of the year and if ti beats the analysts estimates it can run.
From technical perspective, the stock is at support at the 11.5$ area and had room to the upside to the 13$ area.
Technically, the stock is at support around the 16$ area and can jump quickly to test the 18$ resistance above.
The last 2 stocks are bad from financial perspective, but have a good potential to outperform with the industry in the near-term.

You can see from the chart that the stock is oversold and it can find support at the 2.5$ area. These stocks are cheap stocks to buy after the ER with high swing potential and high returns.

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