CFD trading has seen massive gains in popularity in recent years and this surge in demand for trading products has led to the creation of a great selection of CFD brokers that are currently offering access to the markets. Given that no two trading styles are alike, proper broker research can make all the difference once real trades are placed.
Capital CFDs started as a Spread Betting company but is still a long established player in the CFD business.
Disadvantages in the Capital CFDs approach come from potential problems in its trading platform, which is only web based.

City Index is one of the most well-known companies in the retail trading business and their offering in the CFD space relies largely on its daily market analysis that is made available for free to its clients.
IG Markets is thought by many to be the leader in the retail trading industry and its offerings in CFD trading are superior even to what is seen in its Spread Betting products. Plus 500 has made its offerings available in the CFD trading space and in addition to providing traders with incentive offerings when new accounts are opened, trading costs are also kept relatively low, with equity CFDs at 0.15%.
You gotta make sure you do a good background on your broker so you know they can get the job done.

Some brokers may run with the money, but others will give you success as long as you check out their background. SAXO BANK as a spread betting company!13 Aug 2012+4Few asked us to review them and here's the result!

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