CFDs are leveraged instruments and you would be charged for interest when you take leverage. When you trade for a while, you would start to realise some perculiar things about your broker. Hello, I am new to CFD, been trading US stock for a while, looking to find a CFD broker (DMA). The interest rate does not really differ much between the brokers but it is still good to find out more. Please also share if you have other perculiar encounters with your broker so that we can all beware of them.
The main advantage of trading CFD is allowing the trader to short sell a counter with ease.

The reason why MAS regulated brokers are important because they have to put your capital in a trust handled by a third party bank. At present I use in Singapore DBSVickers (Not CFD but regular stock account) and InteractiveBrokers account in US. Try to use the same bank with your broker for transaction so that your account can be funded within the same day. This is ensure that in the event that the broker collapsed, the debtors cannot for your money with the broker as they are held in a trust. I am planning to switch to CFD account with other brokers in Singapore and started with CMCmarkets first. Of the brokers I used, MFGlobal offers web platform and CMC Markets offers a desktop platform.

Those brokers that have office in Singapore usually have a good range of counters for SG stocks. Does anyone have a good broker ( in Singapore) that have a good selection of US stocks to trade and offer reasonable commission and overnite rate. POEMS and MFGlobal are 2 brokers that I have used and have the biggest range of SG and HK stocks (I only trade these 2 markets). If you are convinced with the use of CFD, we can now discuss the evaluation criteria of a CFD broker.

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