Put option and call option trading is actually easier and more profitable than what a lot of people thought. The put and call option for trading provides an excellent way to lock profits, while maximizing gains on short term stock movements at the same time. If you are into stocks trading, but you are not yet using the protective puts and buying calls or perhaps, you have never sold a covered call option, then you may not be making money as much as you can and that you are missing out on a lot of great profit opportunities.
As soon as an average investor reaches a comfort level in trading stocks, he should start to learn what put and call option for trading is and how to trade this.
Beginners to call put option might find it difficult to transition from trading stocks to trading options. Understanding put options and call options will be easy if you put your one hundred percent commitment to it. If you do not have the basic understanding of how option trading works, then it might be a bit difficult for you to learn call option put option for trading. For example, if it’s March and you purchase a July option, then such option will only be good for five months. As Foreign Exchange (Forex) markets comprise the largest volume of monetary values traded on a daily basis when compared to every other financial market and asset class, it is no coincidence that one such popular method of trading currencies include forex options trading – also known as currency trading options. An option is a right but not an obligation to buy or sell an underlying asset class at a specified strike-price, and the right of which can be bought or sold either on an exchange (exchange-traded) or in the over-the-counter (OTC) markets (off-exchange). The owner of an option contract can exercise this right to buy or sell, up until expiration of the contract at which point the option expires worthless if not exercised. Although the share of forex options trading overall doesn’t dominate the majority of FX market volumes, it still represents a meaningful share of trading and thus can be a viable instrument and method to consider when investing or trading foreign exchange. Just like options on nearly any financial instrument, in foreign exchange, call options involve the right to buy – and put options convey the right to sell  -an underlying instrument at a specified exchange rate, and premiums are paid by buyers and earned by sellers when carrying out forex options trading. Options contract are typically for a pre-determined quantity of an underlying asset, and will vary depending on the contract specifications of the broker or exchange operator, as well as the specific instrument being traded, such as an underlying currency pair. Options are divided into Puts and Calls, whereas a “Call” is the right to buy an underlying asset at a specified strike-price, and where a “Put” is the right to sell an underlying asset at a specified strike-price. However, Buying or Selling either of these option types can have very different consequences. Moreover, each option contract conveys a quantity of the underlying asset that will be traded if the contract is exercised by the party that has the right to exercise their option.
In the event the buyer of this option exercised the contract, the seller would technically need to deliver the underlying EUROS in exchange for the US Dollars the seller was paying to purchase the 100,000 Euros at the underlying strike price.
Keep in mind that thanks to modern trading platforms and matching engines the counter-party to trades is typically mitigate to the principal broker or a 3rd party such as in the case of an agency broker, whereas clients do not need to deal with other clients or traders that may be on the other side of the trade. Forex Blog recommends WorldWideMarkets which offers investors the ability to choose from multiple trading platforms when opening a live forex trading account or demo forex trading account.

Secrets of Forex TradingBefore you start trading forex, learn the secret of profitable forex traders. The concept of options trading might be easier to learn, but each and every investor should also understand the idea behind put and call option trading strategies. And as soon as he understands the basics behind this strategy and learn how to successfully trade them, then he should be able to implement them in his trading portfolio management strategy and wait for his profit to increase soon.
However, trading options is actually a lot easier than what a lot of people think, provided that you start to learn the basics. Reading resources online that talk about the various scenarios in trading puts and calls can somehow help you to easily understand the concept.
Therefore, it is highly advised that you should first understand the concept behind option trading before you start to learn about put and call options.
The usual stock investor that begins trading calls and puts usually do not have any understanding of the forces at work, and as a result, they end up losing money on their first trades.
As a quick review, a Call option contract gives us the right to buy 100 shares of the underlying security and is a nice tool to place a speculative long trade with tightly defined risk while tying up a small amount of trading capital. In addition, as will be revealed below, sellers of options, known as writing options, carries its own set of differences when compared to buying options, and understanding currency trading options can be a valuable tool in a forex trader’s portfolio. The way that such measurements are made depends also on what type of option position is being taken, whether a Call is being bought or sold, or whether a Put is being bought or sold, as will be described below. For example, buying a call gives the buyer the right to buy at the underlying strike-price of the option, whereas selling a call requires that the seller must be able to deliver the underlying asset and sell it to the buyer at the underlying strike-price if the buyer decides to exercise their option prior to expiration.
Read on to find out more about the definition, explanation, examples as well as real life trading tips coming from the experts. Most of all, trading puts and calls can also be profitable in the bear markets, bull markets, as well as sideways markets.
Although stock traders do not like instability, option traders have come to embrace it since it is easier to make profitable trades if the markets would move up and down each day. You can ask advice from experienced stock investors, option traders, as well as educators on options trading. To answer these, it is best to understand that there are basically two types of stock option contracts, and one is the call option and another is the put option.
Trading them is important in the sense that they allow you to make money more than just trading stocks. There are also websites that were set up for the purpose of educating new traders about the call put option. Each of the options trading platform would involve only a call, a put or a combination of both. So if you purchase a December option, then this will cease to expire after the 3rd Saturday of December.

A Put is similar in structure to a Call, but is the right to sell 100 shares of the underlying security at a set strike price.
On the other hand, puts increase in value if the underlying security is going down and as such, it decreases in value when the security is going up. Remember that there is a right time for trading stocks and there is also a right time for trading puts and calls. Since a Put increases in value as the underlying drops in value it can be used as a vehicle to protect portfolio positions in case of a downturn as well as for a speculative short directional trade in a security.CMG Case StudyLet’s take a look at using Puts to hedge and protect gains for your account. So depending on what you wanted to anticipate to be taking place in the market, you can either buy a call or put and profit out of such movement.
However, most of the time, you should focus on trading all three – call option put option, as well as stock options. As you know, stock option contracts work just like your usual contracts, which is only valid for a certain period of time. An ideal solution is to sell ? of the shares to recover most of the original principal and use a portion of the profits to purchase a CMG Put option to lock in gains on the remainder. A protective put creates a loss protecting floor at the strike price minus the cost of the put. Let’s examine the results comparing an in the money 400 strike put with an at the money 380 strike put. From the previous article we remember that in the money options have a higher delta which means they are more sensitive to changes in the stock price. Because no matter how far the CMG stock trades under the strike price, you would still have a right to exercise the option and sell your shares at the strike. If you felt that CMG had found price support here at the $300 level and was done with its correction, you could sell your put to close the initial option position and buy a lower strike put farther out in the calendar (i.e.
The net profits going forward from continued CMG appreciation would be greater since you had taken a bunch of option premium off the table and switched from a very deep in the money to an at the money put.
Just be careful not to roll until you definitely have seen signs of price support and better odds of a sustained reversal higher.Profit from Stock Drop Using Speculative PutThe opportunity to buy a put option without owning CMG shares could have been used for a speculative directional trade in order to profit from an anticipated drop in CMG. Compare that to an attempt to short sell CMG stock where there could be unlimited losses and a great deal of trading capital  tied up. If you use puts to make defined risk directional short trades, stay small, be sure to calculate your breakeven point (Strike Price – Put Premium) and be very aware of the time value or Theta decay that reduces the price of the put and erodes your potential profit.In upcoming articles, we’ll explore more option portfolio protection strategies – writing covered calls, creating option collars, and introducing option spread trades.
All will be fairly straight forward given that you already understand the Call and Put basic fundamentals that we’ve presented in this article and the previous one.

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