In the typical display media buys many of us are used to, programmatic is not about buying premium inventory on top websites. Thousands of major publishers source unsold inventory to advertising exchanges, which collectively, offer billions of impressions daily through programmatic buying. I have personally worked on numerous branding initiatives through programmatic media buying; however, the most effective campaigns I have managed through programmatic have had a direct-response goal.

Despite the wealth of information out there, many agencies simply do not have talent that has experience in programmatic media buying.
Programmatic media buying is more focused on buying an audience or contextually-relevant content.
Auction- based media buying is very familiar to those of us with PPC backgrounds, but admittedly, can throw people off who are used to paying flat-rate pricing.

Video, mobile, and Rich Media inventory can all be sourced from exchange networks, which works to add to the appeal that programmatic media buying offers.

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