A put option is a derivative that gives the owner the right, but not the obligation to sell shares of stock at a set price, for set period of time. Put options are bought when you have a bearish (market heading lower) view on the market or on a particular stock.
If the stock in question is currently trading at $40 and you believe it will fall lower, buying a put at the $42 strike price might be a good strategy.
As the price of the stock falls below $40 your put at the $42 strike price becomes even more valuable. A put option at the $42 strike increases in price because the put option gives the owner the right to sell shares of stock at $42 even though the price of the stock is lower. TweetPut options are basically the opposite of call options, when you purchase a call option somebody else has taken out a put option to cover the other side to your trade.
If, however, the share price never drops below the strike price (in this case, $50), then you would not exercise the option (because selling a stock to Trader B at $50 would cost you more than it would cost to buy it). Using put options to hedge your investment portfolio is the perfect strategy; most professional hedge fund manager’s this strategy to hedge open positions. Covered Puts – The covered put strategy is a hedging strategy that should be used in a bearish market. Basically you short shares in an underlying asset and then sell put options against them in order to profit from a bearish move. Profit for the covered put option strategy is limited and maximum gain is equal to the premiums received for the options sold. Naked Puts – Naked puts, sometimes called uncovered puts are put options where the seller does not have a position in the underlying stock.
Naked puts are considered to be very risky and your broker may not allow you to trade them or require much higher margin requirements. If you’re new to options you need to be careful which broker you choose, options trading is very risky and can result in significant losses for the unwary. For this reason we recommend rookies start trading with either optionsXpress or OptionsHouse, since both brokers offer excellent support and training as well as intuitive platforms and reasonable commissions.
Successful options’ trading is difficult and will require a small amount of dedication on your part, don’t make the mistake of hampering your success by using a broker that doesn’t have a vested interest in you succeeding.
Continuing further from our previous article Bear Put Spread: Example with Payoff Charts Explained, here is part II of the same. So, we were having the BLUE graph which was the net Payoff Function for the Bear Put Spread but without the price of Put options being taken into consideration.

The Bear Put Spread is profitable only when the underlying stock or index price goes down i.e.
5)   Put Options increase in value when the stock goes down, and this is why Put Options are the ultimate protector of your stock. 6)   Figure V shows the Ferrari plan (100 shares of AAPL and 1 Option contract which is equivalent to 100 shares).
Put Options provide the ultimate protection on the downside, while preserving your ability to make profits on the upside. As Foreign Exchange (Forex) markets comprise the largest volume of monetary values traded on a daily basis when compared to every other financial market and asset class, it is no coincidence that one such popular method of trading currencies include forex options trading – also known as currency trading options. An option is a right but not an obligation to buy or sell an underlying asset class at a specified strike-price, and the right of which can be bought or sold either on an exchange (exchange-traded) or in the over-the-counter (OTC) markets (off-exchange). The owner of an option contract can exercise this right to buy or sell, up until expiration of the contract at which point the option expires worthless if not exercised.
Although the share of forex options trading overall doesn’t dominate the majority of FX market volumes, it still represents a meaningful share of trading and thus can be a viable instrument and method to consider when investing or trading foreign exchange. Just like options on nearly any financial instrument, in foreign exchange, call options involve the right to buy – and put options convey the right to sell  -an underlying instrument at a specified exchange rate, and premiums are paid by buyers and earned by sellers when carrying out forex options trading. Options contract are typically for a pre-determined quantity of an underlying asset, and will vary depending on the contract specifications of the broker or exchange operator, as well as the specific instrument being traded, such as an underlying currency pair.
Options are divided into Puts and Calls, whereas a “Call” is the right to buy an underlying asset at a specified strike-price, and where a “Put” is the right to sell an underlying asset at a specified strike-price.
However, Buying or Selling either of these option types can have very different consequences.
Moreover, each option contract conveys a quantity of the underlying asset that will be traded if the contract is exercised by the party that has the right to exercise their option. In the event the buyer of this option exercised the contract, the seller would technically need to deliver the underlying EUROS in exchange for the US Dollars the seller was paying to purchase the 100,000 Euros at the underlying strike price.
If you hold a put option you want the price of the underlying stock to decrease, whereas when purchasing a call option, you want the security’s value to rise.
If the stock were to fall to $35 a share your $42 put option would have $7 of intrinsic value, not including any time value that remains depending on how far away expiration Friday is. And as explained in the last part, we considered the prices as follows: the ITM Long Put Option will cost you $5 and OTM short Put Option position will get you $2. Put Options explained in simple terms will give you an idea of why they are the ultimate protector for stocks you own – so let’s dig into the nuts and bolts of how Put Options work.

The 700 strike price Option will be worth 0 in 95 days if AAPL price is above 700 on the day of expiry. In addition, as will be revealed below, sellers of options, known as writing options, carries its own set of differences when compared to buying options, and understanding currency trading options can be a valuable tool in a forex trader’s portfolio. The way that such measurements are made depends also on what type of option position is being taken, whether a Call is being bought or sold, or whether a Put is being bought or sold, as will be described below. For example, buying a call gives the buyer the right to buy at the underlying strike-price of the option, whereas selling a call requires that the seller must be able to deliver the underlying asset and sell it to the buyer at the underlying strike-price if the buyer decides to exercise their option prior to expiration. A position that can allow you to profit with less risk would be to purchase a put option contract. Intrinsic value is calculated by taking the  strike price of the option and subtracting the current price of the stock ($42 – $40 = $2). In the money options have a statistically higher chance of expiring in the money and thus making you a profit.
So let’s take a look at a typical put option trade first, then we’ll look at ways to implement them into your trading strategy. If the price of XYZ stock falls to $40 a share right before expiration, you can then exercise the put by buying 100 shares for $4,000 from the market, then sell them to Trader B for $5,000. The put option premium paid to trader B for buying the contract of 100 shares at $5 per share, excluding commissions = $500 (R).
The Cadillac Put Option would be worth $260, so your net gain would be $34 (260 – 200 -26). The Ferrari Put option will make a profit much before and much more than the Cadillac Option, which will make much more than the Kia Option.
Similarly, the Cadillac Option at 660 will be worthless if AAPL price is above 660 on the day of expiry.
You pick your protection timeframe shown in Figure I (The number in brackets is the number of days until this Put Option expires). This is just like buying car insurance for a year, but you did not have an accident or claim of any sort, so your Option (insurance policy) expired worthless.

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