A brokerage account is a contractual arrangement between an investor and a licensed securities broker or brokerage firm whereby the investor places money with the broker.
There are a number of different types of brokerage accounts that meet the differing needs of various investors. Alternatively, online brokerage accounts provide the investor with the bare minimum of services. Other important factors to consider when evaluating a brokerage account are the speed at which trades are made, the variety of financial securities that the investor can buy, sell and hold in the account, the investment analysis tools available to the investor and whether or not the investor can trade on margin.

A peek into the brokers whose brokerage charges are higher than average in the stock market world. Follow these steps to pick the right options brokerage account depending on your trading needs and style of trading.
Some investors need a full service brokerage account that not only holds their securities and allows them to make trades, but also provides investment advice and other high-end services. A typical brokerage account contains cash and financial securities that are owned by the investor.

The assets listed in a brokerage account are what the investor would call his investment portfolio.

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