In his gripping, alarming exposE, Eamon Javers recounts the sordid history of this hidden world--from Allan Pinkerton, the nation's first "private eye," through Howard Hughes's private CIA, to the shocking realities of a vast modern-day spying network with tentacles reaching into virtually every corner of the globe.Author BiographyA Washington reporter for CNBC, Eamon Javers was previously a correspondent for Politico and a Washington correspondent for Business Week. Intelligence companies and the spies they employ are setting up fake Web sites to elicit information, trailing individuals and mirroring travel itiner-aries, Dumpster-diving in household and corporate trash, using ultrasophisticated satellite surveillance to spy on facilities, acting as impostors to take jobs within companies or to gain access to corporations, concocting elaborate schemes of fraud and deceit, and hacking e-mail and secure computer networks.

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