The advantage to selling stock to make money is that the company can get money with very little strings being attached.
Other stock exchanges in the US are the NASDAQ or the National Association of Securities Dealers and the AMEX or American Stock Exchange. The utility aims to provide current exchange rate information to stock market enthusiasts, investors, stakeholders, businessmen or even students who are looking to study latest market trends and current stock market updates.
Here, you can set broker fee by inputting Broker Fee, Stamp Duty and Clearing Fee for the broking firms.
A stock market is where shares of stocks are sold and bought (traded) for public companies that belong to the various stock markets or exchanges around the globe.

Startups working with a brokerage firm will divide the company into a large amount of shares at an initial opening price. A stockbroker or firm working for you for a small fee will go to the NYSE and buy or sale stocks for you with companies that belong to NYSE or companies belonging to other stock market such as the London Stock Exchange. Since companies need to meet exact requirements in order to be a part of any stock market or exchange they look to be less risky as compared to companies that are sold OTC or over the counter and not listed on any stock markets. Years and years ago, the stockbroker working for you had to go to the floor of the exchange or had someone in New York go there for them but now every order for buy or sell is transmitted digitally. If the company is a failure the founders do not lose all their money instead all the stockholders lose their smaller amounts of money they have invested.

On the other hand, if the company is doing well, the net earnings are divided between all the stockholders in the form of dividends. Being a comprehensive stock market tool, it allows portfolio management and setting SMS or email alerts to keep abreast with latest stock market updates. You may also store entire database on your computer or on cloud to access it from anywhere.

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