A home loan account executive is employed by financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions.
Fostering RelationshipsOnce contact has been established with mortgage brokers as potential clients, the account executive must nourish those relationships.
Education and TrainingIt is also the account executive's job to educate mortgage brokers on the products they represent.
SupervisingAn account executive ultimately wants to make sure that the home loans they have worked for go through and that all brokers and clients are satisfied. Account executives regularly make phone calls to set appointments with prospective new clients in order to establish business with them.
Executives should regularly check in with all of the contacts they've established and see if they have any needs.

He accomplishes this through the relationships he builds directly with mortgage brokers and sometimes directly with clients. In addition, it's usually the role of the account executive to train a new mortgage brokers on their company's website procedures. For example, if a mortgage broker has secured a buyer, the account executive will check in and make sure the application process has begun and see if they are any follow-up questions. The minimum of a high school diploma or GED is required to be a home loan executive, as well as several years of experience in either sales or the real estate industry. Account executives may be called upon to give large presentations to groups of mortgage brokers to explain their company's services.
The account executive would inform their brokers where to find forms online and how to use their website's mortgage calculators when going over figures with clients.

While an account executive might not always have direct contact with buyers or sellers, he has a great deal of contact with mortgage brokers, which is how he can ensure that loans are closing. Account executives foster relationships with brokers, but they have administrative tasks as well.

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