Moneybookers (now known as Skrill after a rebranding campaign) has stepped up to become an important method of electronic transactions in the financial markets, filling the void that has been left by companies like PayPal which still have severe geographical restrictions.
If you have a Moneybookers account, you can use this to fund your binary options trading account as well as withdraw funds from it. 1)    Your broker may opt to integrate the Moneybookers e-payment system directly on their website, which allows you to fund your account and withdraw from it directly from your broker’s website. 3)    Some brokers will ask that you credit their Moneybookers accounts from where they will now credit your account.
We now introduce you to a few Moneybookers-friendly binary options brokers that you can work with. Traders have transaction limits of between $50 and $20,000 when using the Moneybookers payment system on Betonmarkets. With AnyOption, the trader is directed to the Moneybookers website to complete the transaction, which is usually processed instantly.

Even though there are other Moneybookers-friendly binary options brokers who offer traders the option of transacting with Moneybookers, we have used these brokers as examples as they each represent the different types of platforms that are available on the market. Many countries are not covered by PayPal, but with Moneybookers stepping in to offer the same level of e-payment services (if not better), traders who wish to get fast access to their money or want to take quick advantage of a trading opportunity using an instant deposit method now have the chance of doing so. With this service, traders can move funds between their trading accounts and their Moneybookers accounts in both directions for the purpose of account funding and withdrawals.
This is a prepaid debit card specially branded by MasterCard for Moneybookers, and which are issued to Moneybookers account holders to enable them load money from their accounts to the card.
When redirected, make sure that there is a padlock beside the Moneybookers URL and that there is a “https” as the web address prefix.
The way it works is that the trader is to fund the Moneybookers account of Mika Holdings, (owners of OptionFair) from where the account of the trader will be funded.
Traders will be directed to the Moneybookers website where they will be asked to provide their trading account login.

Moneybookers provides three level of payment services which allows traders a wide variety of options when funding their accounts or withdrawing from them. The card can then be used to withdraw funds directly using an ATM where MasterCard is accepted, and to serve as a means of a credit card deposit method on the binary options trading account.
Traders can withdraw a minimum of $100, 100 Euros of 100 GBP, and withdrawals with Moneybookers will be charged a 2% fee.
Traders do not need to open accounts with Moneybookers for transactions below $1400, but will need to do so for transactions exceeding $1400.

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