Binary options have become one of the most popular investment instruments in the market over the past years. This boom in the binary options trading sector has led to the emergence of large numbers of brokers dedicated exclusively to trade with this investment instrument. Because of this situation, some binary options brokers have developed affiliate programs similar to those created by the Forex brokers. CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): With this option, the affiliate receives a payment for every new customer that he get for the broker.
Revenue Share: This payment system is an excellent option that give the affiliate a percentage of the profits made by the broker for the services it provides to customers referred by the same affiliate.
In some cases, the affiliate programs of Binary Options Brokers  and other similar companies such as Forex brokers, offer the possibility of referring affiliates to the program itself, that is, getting people to also join the affiliate program to promote the services of the broker and make money in the process.
Promoting the services of the broker and getting new customers (new traders) to the company that open a binary options account.
Promoting the same affiliate program to other entrepreneurs who want to make money promoting this .
The following is a list with the most important affiliate programs of the Binary Options Brokers.

This is because it can provide high profits very quickly and that the mechanic necessary to trade this instrument is relatively simple compared to others, so it is very easy for every person to learn how to trade with binary options. Even many Forex brokers offer binary options trading among its options to invest in the financial markets. These affiliate programs allow their members to earn large sums of money promoting the services of these companies through websites like this. The payments provided by these programs are extremely high, in fact the affiliate programs of the Binary Options Brokers can be so profitable that many people use them to have their own business online, and especially to monetize websites, whose subject is related to Forex and financial markets in general. Depending on the program this payment may be from $75 to $ 400 for each customer who opens an account and deposit funds into it.
It is a very interesting option of payment because instead of getting a single payment as in the case of CPA, it allows the member of the program to share the profits obtained by the broker for life.
The affiliate receives a fixed payment for each new customer that he gets to the broker and also receives a percentage of the profits that the broker gets due to the market operations conducted by that customer.
Through this option, an affiliate can multiply their earnings by referring other people who want to increase their profits through the Binary Options trading without investing directly in it. For these reasons many traders are opening trading accounts to trade with binary options so we can speak of a boom similar to that happened with the Forex market since the late 90's and the beginning of the first decade of the XXI century.

The affiliate programs of Binary Option Brokers can be extremely profitable for owners of web sites related to financial markets in general. The affiliate never have to pay anything to join an affiliate program of a  Binary Options broker or by the use of any marketing tool that they offer. If an affiliate refers many clients to the broker, the potential of gains that he may have through the option of Revenue Share is very high. By this method, the affiliate gets both, a fixed and continuous income through the affiliate program.
These sub-affiliate, also known as 2 level  affiliates (2 Tier affiliates), allows the affiliate who referred them to get a gain of 5% to 20% (depending of each affiliate program) over the earnings that they obtain promoting the broker. In addition, the member does not need to open a trading account with the broker to join an affiliate program.

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