Contents1 Like LOCUSTS That Breed Rapidly – So Are The Binary Option Trading Scams!2 How Does The Binary Option Trading Scam Work3 Now we know WHY binary option trading is a breeding ground for scams. The scammers find the suitable conditions they need on the internet and became a real pest real quick.
Also known as FOREX Option Trading, trading in derivatives has been around for quite some time. Binary Option brokers on the other hand, pay their affiliates 100% of the MINIMUM DEPOSIT REQUIRED to open a trading account. Yes, the creators of the scams are affiliates of one of the brokers and, at the same time, build their own affiliate force to lure as many as possible new traders to open accounts. I hope I was able to get my point across and show you how to recognize these scams and avoid them.
Initially introduced as Digital Options, trading in “Derivatives” has been around for quite some while.

Guaranteed Wealth is yet another Binary Option Trading product introduced by Victor Lambert. They all promise that you will make unheard amounts of money, in an unrealistic short time, with an easy “3-step setup, one click a day” program, trading Binary Options. And like Locusts that form bands, swarm out and rapidly strip fields and destroy the crops, the scammers and their affiliates swarm the web with their annoying email campaigns and sales videos, and inflict great harm to peoples bank accounts. The voices you hear may be different, the faces you see may be different, but they all have the same elements to lure people into opening a trading account with the broker of their choice.
This article exposes the way how binary option trading, a legit form of playing the commodity market, is used as a vehicle for outright online scams. Steven Foley sent me an e-mail announcing the launch of Daily Results – Syndicated Software, yet another one of these annoying binary trading programs.
Yes, there may be some bad apples among the brokers that serve US clients, but the scams are not committed by brokers.

You bet if a commodity will gain or lose value within a certain time frame (from 60 seconds to 15 minutes, or any other period of time during a trading session).
Adding the latest batch, my count is 109 of BOT scams in the year 2014, and I am not sure if I did catch them all. No-Name” by using “his unique and unbeatable miracle software” for Binary Option Trading. Every single one of these scam artists claims that HIS SOFTWARE is the best and only one to accomplish this feat.
Will not an automated trading robot to makes a highly speculative, binary option brokers in.

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