Many trading strategies require constant monitoring of price movements over several timeframes, that is difficult. LED displays additional timeframes and trading tools as a mini graphics in the main window of the working timeframe. The strategy is based on a single indicator, it combines all the advantages of a standard methodology for the dynamics of the MACD moving medium.Modified Visual_MACD unlike standard indicator builds the histogram directly on the chart and added two signal lines. Here’s a really simple yet profitable binary options strategy with 60 min expiry time.

It should be used only as a complement to the existing trading strategies and recommended primarily for the binary traders are often required to confirm multiple timeframes. Indicator updates the mini-graphs on every price tick and not worked without the slightest delay and locked up terminal.
Just buy CALL at the lower channel and buy PUT at the upper channel of this special designed binary indicator. The strategy is simple to use and clear even novice to master the standard MACD gives a signal about 2-3 a day on the most popular instruments.

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