First of all, BinaryOptionRobot is a free software, easy to use and doesn’t require to be downloaded.
Traders may enjoy trading with BinaryOptionRobot as there is no any prior knowledge needed so even inexperienced traders can earn significant profits. When account is set up, Robot trades automatically on customers behalf when it sees an opportunity on the market. Binary Option robot is the most advanced way of using advanced computing for extraordinary results without wasting time on downloading and installing software. There are many reasons that confirms this statement and we will try to present why BinaryOptionRobot has this title.

Once traders log in to BinaryOptionRobot, they need to choose a broker from the list of supported brokers. If they don’t understand some settings or are not sure how to set it up, they can always contact BinaryOptionRobot support team.
Signal providers are experts who have many years of experience in this field and based on their signals, Robot does the trades on traders behalf. If a different broker is preferred, they can always make an account from the Binary Option Robot Dashboard with another supported broker from the list.
Safest level of risk is a Green one, which means while this level is On, Robot is able to do only 0-1 trade per day.

This is important because Robot will not be able to do trades on customer behalf if deposit was made directly with a broker.

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