The field of binary options was only founded in 2008, and with a respected web presence since October 2009, there’s no question that TraderXP is a binary options broker that has grown with the industry. A significant advantage offers by TraderXP’s trading platform is that it is based entirely online, so there is no software to download. The Binary Options Pro Trader platform offers four windows in which to trade options simultaneously in 15 minute intervals. The One Touch platform allows you to maximize your profits by predicting whether the offered bid will reach a specified level within the time frame provided. The Option Builder allows you to customize each trade by choosing your assets, expiry time (in 5 minute intervals), setting your risk preference and investment amount all in one centralized place.
It may sound funny, but during the scope of our TraderXP review, we nearly overlooked the features offered by this binary options broker because we were so enthused by the trading platform – and because the information is hidden all the way at the bottom of the website.

Another feature we especially liked was the up-to-the-minute market review provided by TraderXP, an analysis that should be standard, but is notably lacking in many other binary options sites. The primary problems we had with the site were an inability to email the company and the fact that supplemental explanations of the platforms were hidden in the footer of the homepage and not available at all times.
We were also happy to see that TraderXP accepts perhaps the most payment options of any broker we’ve reviewed.
The company offers multiple ways to trade, so that traders with different preferences can enjoy a trading platform that is best suited to their specific preferences. Similarly, the Fast Trader platform offers similar capabilities with 9 windows shown on one web page and trade intervals of 5 minutes, so that you can trade multiple items as quickly as possible, while keeping an eye of all of your options concurrently. Although this type of trading is riskier than standard binary option executions, it offers the potential for up to 500% returns.

All of the platforms are located within a singular structure, so that it’s easy to switch between the platforms as you see fit. Each of the company’s platforms was easy to use, and the web-based platform was especially pleasant. Rollovers can be used once per option, and must be executed within 10 minutes of expiry, so traders must make sure to pay attention carefully. The most traditional of these options is the Binary Options platform, which is available in Pro Trader and Fast Trader versions.

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