Sometimes a binary compensation plan will say it pays on both legs up to the balance point.
Many companies are now beginning to use what they call a “hybrid binary” compensation plan. Another key benefit of the binary comp plan is that, in theory, everybody only needs to sponsor 2 distributors. The main disadvantage of a binary comp plan is that because it only pays on the weak leg, it tends to favor super recruiters and heavy hitters. The point here is to make sure you completely understand a compensation plan before you start building it. Like the majority of other MLM compensation plans, the Salu International Compensation Plan is based upon a Binary Tree Structure.
The negative aspect of a Binary pay plan is that your commissions and bonuses within the Salu International Compensation Plan will be calculated based upon the sales of your weakest leg. For instance, if your right leg generates $2,000 in sales, but your left leg only generates, $1,000, your earnings within the Salu International Compensation Plan will be calculated based upon your left leg, the least performing leg. This component of the Salu International Compensation Plan goes back to the Binary tree structure, where your earnings will be calculated based upon the volume in your lesser performing leg. Begining at the rank of Director, you will receive one-time bonuses each time that you achieve a higher rank within the Salu International Compensation Plan. When you achieve the rank of Ambassador within the Salu International Compensation Plan, Salu will hand you the keys to a new luxury vehicle.  You will own this vehicle free and clear, with no leases or car payments. Going back to how the Salu International Compensation Plan utilizes a Binary Pay structure, when your lesser leg volume reaches a minimum of 600 CV, you will earn 10% of that volume.

In my opinion, the Salu International Compensation Plan is not only fair, but is a very generous plan.  The guaranteed income aspect of the Salu International Compensation Plan is a nice feature that provides SBOs with step-by-step goals to achieve, and the confidence in knowing that if they achieve those goals, they will have a guaranteed minimum paycheck. For those who possess the ability to lead, train, and build a team consisting of thousands of downline SBOs, the Salu International Compensation Plan offers many lucrative rewards. This concludes my review of the Salu International Compensation Plan!  If you have found this review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below! Dave Fennell wrote about the Salu International Compensation Plan for those who are researching the Salu International Business Opportunity.
First and foremost, Market America does not call their compensation plan a compensation plan; they call it an Unfranchise and Management Performance System, which is based on the binary compensation plan structure with a few significant variations.
The Market America Compensation Plan was originally a binary structure but has since evolved into more generic teams.
Because the compensation plan does not use a stair-step-breakaway or unilevel design, you do not have to worry about the depth of your organization or what will happen when a leg matures and breaks away. Before beginning with this or any MLM opportunity we strongly encourage you to read through Market America’s full compensation plan and a variety of company reviews in order to gain real insight into what others have experienced from within the Market America organization. Click HERE to watch a free webinar that explains how to maximize earnings on the Market America  compensation plan. The average person sponsors about 2.7 distributors, so the average person should be able to make a binary pay plan work. Salu International is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company with a vision to help others attain better health through natural means, as well as secure a future free of economic uncertainty.
Norwex is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company on a mission to improve the quality of life through the means of reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning.

Ampegy is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company on a mission to become the premier Network Marketing company in the deregulated energy marketplace. Xooma Worldwide is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company with a vision of helping hundreds of thousands, and even millions of people enjoy optimum health and long-term wealth through their products and business plan! Like most other companies, Market America claims to have the most generous and most advanced compensation plan in the MLM marketing niche, but trying to determine exactly how much a new representative is likely to earn can be extremely difficult. First and foremost, Market America encourages representatives to focus their attention on recruiting two people to begin building their binary structure called the right leg and left leg of their business. The reality, however, is that the company has designed its promotional structure to be slow-earning and their official training documents encourage new distributors to build a two or three year plan that moves them toward full-time with the business relatively gradually. This structure is significantly different than other MLM companies because Market America does not focus on where the active recruits are within a consultants downline legs as long as each leg builds in a balanced way. In a true binary you recruit just two team members and then they recruit two team members and so on, increased by two fold every generation.
It does not matter where in the binary your volume is as long as you have the total points needed to earn a specific pay scale and have 2 balanced legs. That means that a member will be paid by downline, even if the downline are 15 level deep in your structure.With a binary model, your upline will place their new members under you into what's called your power leg. Your power leg will usually grow quite quickly.Binary plan is great plan for nurture teamwork in a MLM organization.

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