DNA is the building block of life, but in the future it may also be the standard repository for encyclopedias, music and other digital data.
This is not the first time DNA has been used to store data, but the latest iteration is far more efficient, accurate and scale-able than its predecessors. Lautstarke Ruckmeldung: Die Beatsteaks schicken einen ersten Vorboten ihres 2014 erscheinenden neuen Albums ins Rennen. Sequencing and especially synthesizing the DNA is a pricey process, but like most new technologies, it is getting cheaper fast.
The researchers worked out a system to translate the binary code into one with four characters instead: A, C, G and T.

The researchers sequenced the genome of the data-laden DNA and translated it back into zeros and ones. They used this genetic code to synthesize actual strands of DNA with the content embedded in its very structure. This is synthesized DNA, artificial, it is inspired from nature, but it does not recreate it. Skin cancer from sunlight is not deterioration of DNA, it is faulty activation of specific enzymes and agents that sustain the DNA. Three, DNA has a reputation for safely storing information: It holds the history of all life on Earth, a tough resume to top.

If you were to dig up a mammoth bone in your back yard from hundreds of thousands of years ago, scientists could easily pull DNA off of it that would be in tip-top shape.

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