Best Stocks for 2015 – Prospect Capital Could Return 40%-PlusCharles Sizemore, Principal of Sizemore CapitalCash will be king in 2015, and Prospect Capital will be wearing the crown. My pick for InvestorPlace’s Best Stocks of 2015 contest is business development company Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC). I should emphasize that these are open-market purchases made with the insiders’ own money, not executive stock options.
For the 2015 InvestorPlace Best Stocks of 2015 contest, I have chosen a stock that had a bit of controversy in the fall of 2014: Yahoo! The monthly chart of YHOO shows three big reasons that Yahoo stock will move higher in 2015. In light of the problems in the oil sector, it may seem counterintuitive to look within it for an investment in 2015.
Best Stocks for 2015: Rave Restaurants Heating Up AgainRick Rouse, Editor, Momentum Options and Momentum Stocks WeeklyRave Restaurants has slowed down after a blistering start to the year. The quarterly losses could likely continue throughout 2015 and into 2016 before the company starts to see the fruits of its labor. I mentioned coming into 2015 when shares were in the single-digits that once double-digits were cleared, RAVE stock might not look back. The chart below shows the stock forming a floor of support at $11, with the 200-day moving average and $10.50 as a sub-floor. Goldman is expecting the Eurostoxx 600 to hit 440 in 2018, according to its 2015 European outlook, out Thursday.
Goldman has listed the 32 European stocks it expects to see double- and triple-digit returns in 2015.

The main culprit behind this dip is the market environment, and in the current environment, you should only invest in stocks that are both technically and fundamentally strong. If the market were to steady and move back into a bullish trend, there is no doubt that this domestic stock would be on an uptrend again. Since my last update, ODFL did start to rally back up, and by July, the stock moved from bearish to neutral. Mike Turner and his team of software engineers developed Turner Analytics, a sophisticated software market and trade-timing system that provides unbiased, quantifiable recommendations on thousands of equities and rates, ranks and scores these equities from best to worst in an easy-to-use on-line tool for individual investors. Best Stocks for 2015: Yahoo Stock Takes a Wrong TurnGreg Harmon, Founder and President, Dragonfly Capital ManagementYahoo stock looked like it was in good technical position at the start of 2015. It's something that sounds pretty odd to most people who follow financial and international news: Russia's stock market is the best performing in the world so far this year.
Buy shares of Prospect Capital and plan to hold for the duration of 2015 for what I expect to be returns of 40% or more.
If my price target of $20 is reached, it would represent a gain of roughly 50% from where the stock is currently sitting.
And while this isn’t the worst performing stock in the Best Stocks contest, the stock is still down 21%. So while we still see gains for stocks, they won't be as across-the-board as they were in 2014. The stock has doubled in the past two years, but Feinberg sees it as still well priced, with a top rating from the Value Line Investment Survey for timeliness and a solid balance sheet. In fact, YHOO stock is down more than 20% and I am in last place in the Best Stocks for 2015 contest.

We feel that the selling has been overdone in the short term, and expected economic growth in 2015 will drive prices higher over the next few quarters.
From a technical perspective, NE stock has formed a large bullish divergence over the last 3 months that was confirmed just recently.
However, I believe this stock should be a multi-year hold, with tremendous price appreciation if the company can execute its aggressive growth plans. So, while ODFL is a fundamentally strong stock, the current market environment is way too volatile for this position to thrive. So the best course of action remains to hold ODFL and set a stop, so when the data makes a more definitive move, you can exit with minimal losses. However, falling oil prices aren’t enough to justify the magnitude of the decline in many oil stocks.
Some perfectly good stocks are trading at extremely low valuations thanks to aggressive, industry-wide selling. But the firm has hired smart new managers, and on a price-to-cash-flow basis the stock is downright cheap, says Roumell.
In fact, in the context of this year’s competition, a 5% loss is better than four of the other Best Stocks picks.

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