The stock market is a very attractive place for many people, professional or not, with economic studies or just trying to "hit the jackpot" with some lucky investments. If you are only at the beginning in this field of activity or you haven't used such software before it is highly recommended to download th free stock charting software available on the internet or the free trials of the software under license and use it until you get the point of begin used to handling such software.
There are two main kinds of stock charting software: the ones that import their own data from different specialized web sites and that is why they need a permanent internet access and the ones that run directly on your computer , without an internet connection, but that need you to import and introduce the necessary data for them to process. But all the stock charting software in the world are only tools that you use: you analyze the charts and draw conclusions, so you must be the ones to reduce the risk of your investments by taking the right decisions. Here, here and here you can find some other useful stock charting software you might want to try. It may seem as a fascinating world, but actually real drama is happening here when people risk it so much as to invest their life time savings in an unfortunate buying or selling stock decision.
It is also advisable to use more than one stock charting software in order to have the opportunity to see which one is better and which one fits you best.
It helps you organize  all the data that is necessary for you to make transactions on the stock market.

If you are only an amateur investor in this market you may use a free software all the time as you are not seriously involved in it and you don't need all the details and features. Everybody knows that you must spend some money in order to make some money, so the best idea is the make safe investments and invest as much as you afford to lose without tragic consequences. But if you are very serious about this business, you should purchase some very good software, as the freeware or shareware only have limited features, as you are aware by now. This is very useful for those who are doing business in the stock field and help them diminish risks when investing in a certain stock share because it shows you the future tendency of that particular currency or stock and in this way does not allow you to take unnecessary risks.
Even in this case, when you buy the software and pay quite large sums for it, bear in mind that you have 30 or 60 days at your disposal to try the product and if you find that it is not compatible with your requests you can return it and purchase some other software.
If you want more features, you can also buy the unlimited version of the software for about $40. You must always try to be up to date with the latest news about all the fluctuations in the stock market and also in the currencies parity. Well, after several such tries you will know for sure which stock charting software is the best for you.

You can get some good profit if you succeed to notice the future trend of the stock or currencies based on the analysis of these charts. Make sure you don't pay unnecessary big money for the software, as they are all able to make almost the same things, but some of them are sold for insane prices just because it is released by a famous brand.
What is really good about this kind of software is the fact that it is not affected by emotions like a human personal assistant and that is why its predictions are only based on facts. That is why you need some stock charting software to help you visualize the tendency of the stock of going up or down and even some predictions about their near future tendency. If you use this software in a wise manner, you could then earn some good money from safe and inspired investments.

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